Balancing my passion for directing is my unwavering commitment as an educator. I have been on the staffs of several college theatre departments, and am currently an Adjunct Professor at Sacred Heart University. 

I believe theatre is a craft that is passed down through generations, and I feel a strong artistic responsibility to continue that story. Even more gratifying is to have had numerous students blossom and realize successful Broadway careers.

Vocal Technician and Coach

Having started by career as a singer/actor, I was technically well- trained from college to study the finest New York teachers. I bring a unique blend of strong vocal technique in the Joan Lader tradition, essential for the demands of the musical theatre; with the supportive director’s eye, helping the actor to create a complete and powerful story. The marriage of these skills results in acting-driven song development required for today’s audition material and roles themselves. 

Acting for the Musical Theatre

with alumni Justin Paul on the set of The Greatest Showman
with alumni Justin Paul on the set of "The Greatest Showman"

I love training students in the crucial acting skills required for performance in the classic and contemporary musical theatre.  In addition to fundamental acting techniques, scene and song analysis, overall character arcs, and character relationships; I hold a strong “inside/out” philosophy, training students in a very organic and natural technique. Above all else, I create a safe and nurturing learning environment, encouraging risk-taking, exploration and moment-to-moment freedom within a solid real-life foundation. 

College and Career Consultant

With alumni Adam Kaplan and Mia Gentile
with alumni Adam Kaplan and Mia Gentile

Fifteen years ago I created Music Theatre of Connecticut’s “College Bound in the Performing Arts” designed to guide students/parents through the complicated process of college BFA and BA programs from student profiling for selection, visiting, audition selection, and audition package creation and execution. I have also consulted with MFA candidates on many of the same issues, including program identification and audition preparation. I am proud that our students have attended many of the most elite Performing Arts Programs in the country including NYU, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Boston Conservatory, Northwestern University, University of Michigan, Syracuse University, Emerson College, Muhlenberg College, Ithaca College, and University of Miami.