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Kevin Connors: Director / Choreographer Resume
PRIME TIME PROPHET Director/Choreographer Players Theatre
JUKEBOX SATURDAY NIGHT Director/Choreographer The Ballroom
LOVE LETTERS Director MTC MainStage, Westport
PETE 'N' KEELY Director MTC MainStage, Westport
DOUBT: A PARABLE Director MTC MainStage, Westport
THE STORY OF MY LIFE Director MTC MainStage, Westport
MOTHERS AND SONS Director MTC MainStage, Westport
john & jen Director MTC MainStage, Westport
THE LAST FIVE YEARS Director MTC MainStage, Westport
EDGES: A SONG CYCLE Director MTC MainStage, Westport
(Moss Hart Award Winner)
Director MTC MainStage, Westport
Starring Joan Rivers, James Naughton
And Louise Pitre
Director Palace Theatre, Stamford
(Connecticut Critics' Award Finalist)
Director Music Theatre of Connecticut
BABY Director Polka Dot Playhouse
THE FANTASTICKS Director Rich Forum, Stamford
BAH, HUMBUG! Director Rich Forum, Stamford
BABES IN TOYLAND Director/Choreographer Rich Forum, Stamford
IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE: A LIVE RADIO PLAY Director Rich Forum, Stamford
IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE: A LIVE RADIO PLAY Director Sacred Heart University, Connecticut
LOVER: THE VALENTINO MUSICAL Director Westport Country Playhouse
(with Dorothy Stanley)
Director Westport Country Playhouse
COLE! Director/Choreographer Music Theatre of Connecticut
RODGERS AND HART Choreographer Music Theatre of Connecticut
NITECLUB CONFIDENTIAL Choreographer Music Theatre of Connecticut
EBENEZER! Director Music Theatre of Connecticut
CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS Director New England Lyric Operetta
OPERETTA IN RED, WHITE AND BLUE Director New England Lyric Operetta
PRIVATE COLLECTION Director Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas
HELLZAPOPPIN' Director Playboy Club Circuit
JUBILATION Director Cunard Cruises, Canadian Tour
JUKEBOX SATURDAY NIGHT Director/Choreographer National Tour
SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND, Massachusetts    
McDONALDS (with Roger Williams)    
IBM (with Henny Youngman)    
SHELL OIL (with Jackie Mason)    


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Mothers and Sons
MTC MainStage

"A remarkable achievement. An intricately woven, complex and remarkably current examination not just of gay marriage, but of the gay American experience. Pivotal and powerful, it explores the burden of being different, the battle over same-sex marriage and the destructive hatred of the farthest extremes of America's conservative movement."
- Mike Raggazino, Fairfield Weekly

"Sincere emotion, righteous anger and a striking musical score. When a troubled teenage student sings the plangent "Have You Ever Loved," followed by a teacher's soaring "Kitchen Table," the evening finds its true heart. Connors' score is lilting and accomplished, doubling as director, he fine-tunes an excellent cast, starting with Michael Lowney's sensitive Mark and Susan Terry's unyielding Sarah. As the empathetic Milling, Rob Sutton has the evening's best pipes. Tom Stuart as Bobby, Carolyn Marcell as his mom and Larry Daggett in several roles are also laudable. "Mothers and Sons," spreading love around, attempts to enlarge a smoldering social issue."
- David Rosenberg, Norwalk Hour

"Secrets swirl like dry leaves from an autumn tree in a moving and heartbreaking musical with stirring songs under the sensitive direction of Kevin Connors."
- Bonnie Goldberg, Middletown Press

"Connors' music is well conceived and musically directed by David Wolfson. "What Have You Got To Lose," "Kitchen Table" and "I'll Always Be There" are especially memorable numbers."
- Joanne Rochman, Hersam-Acorn Newspapers

"A carefully-crafted tale that comes through with touching dilemmas, often reflected in Connors' melodic songs. Powerful notes soar out over the audience."
- Irene Backalenick, Connecticut Post

Photos by Kerry Long


Photos by Kerry Long
john & jen
MTC MainStage

I am consistently surprised by how much musical theater Connors can wring out of such an intimate space, and John and Jen is a prime example. Because of the crisp staging and strong attention to detail, each iteration of the characters (and, by proxy, the America each comes to represent) is highly distinct without adding any clutter to the space. The political undertones (particularly throughout the first act) speak so acutely to this age that John and Jen is nothing less than a must-see.
- Mike Ragozzino

Open your heart to this stirring story of siblings and of mother and son who need to discover how to be connected with roots and how to find wings to fly free.
- Bonnie Goldberg

Yet there are delightful highlights—familiar though they are (or perhaps because they are familiar): the proper girl turned hippie when she goes off to college in the '60s and the Little League player humiliated by his mother's overbearing presence. Such moments still make a visit to the underground MTC theater a worthy trek.
- Irene Backalenick

Tommy Foster and Catherine Porter have strong voices and an admirable devotion to their characters…
- David Rosenberg

Catherine Porter as Jen is pure joy. Her talent is like a magnet, pulling you in to her vocals and performance…the production is well worth seeing…
- Joanne Greco Rochman

Her (Catherine Porter) singing of the musical's best song, "The Road Ends Here," is one of this production's strongest moments…With Porter, they have a performer who makes the journey of one particular sister and mother a moving and satisfying one.
- Tom Holehan

…she (Porter) lights up the stage on more than one occasion!
- Geary Denihy

The Last Five Years
MTC MainStage

"Here's the winning ticket. The Last Five Years at MTC MainStage is a superb musical entertainment. Matt Castle is the music director who leads Kristin Huffman and Rob Sutton to accolades. Since the production is sung through, the two actors have to have great voices and they do. Since they're only about five feet away from the audience, they have to have incredible confidence and acting skills - and they do."
- Joanne Rochman
Hersam Acorn Newspapers

"A five-star, four-course meal. The best production of The Last Five Years we've seen."
- Michael Ragozzino
Fairfield County Weekly

"Superb singers and actors in a moving, tuneful musical. Quite engaging and perhaps best watched as a couple. After the curtain falls, go out for a cocktail or two and discuss - I'm sure it will be a sprightly and perhaps revealing conversation."
- Geary Danihy
Brooks Newspapers

Photo by Kerry Long

Photo by Kerry Long
MTC MainStage

"Five Stars (Rave). Outstanding work, young and fresh and quite simply brilliant. The highly professional performers in this Equity production are almost too good to be true. Kevin Connors, the theatre's artistic director, directed this precious new work, allowing each well-developed character to come through in each tightly honed scene."
- Joanne G. Rochman
Hersam-Acorn Newspapers

"Spectacular, showcasing the work of two of the hottest young composers in musical theater. Edges clearly comes out on top in a song-by-song comparison with Broadway's Spring Awakening."
- Mike Raggazino
Fairfield County Weekly

"Engagingly entertaining, at times poignant and at other times archly witty or inclusively humorous, must go to the credit of the cast, the composers, Benj Pasek and Westport resident Justin Paul, and director Kevin Connors. In number after number, the two, either separately or together, display an amazing range of emotions that, presented mere feet from the audience, cannot help but enthrall. If you are lucky enough to land a ticket you won't be disappointed."
- Geary Danihy
Brooks Newspapers

It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play
MTC MainStage

"Five Stars (rave). The best Christmas show of the season! All of a sudden the magic of the season melds smoothly into the magic of theater. No special effects - just great acting. No high tech anything - just theater pure and simple. If ever there is a show you want to see for the holidays it is this one. Director Kevin Connors, who co-founded MTC, has seamlessly put together a memorable theater experience. The superb ensemble are pros that stand inches away from you and yet manage to transport you to another time, another world. This combination of nostalgia and good story telling makes for one of if note the best holiday show of the season. It's worth the trip from anywhere to see this ensemble cast its magic. D. Matt Worley and Amy Ross seem to really fall in love right before your eyes. Larry Daggett has the absolute perfect radio announcer's voice, but then again in this production he manipulates his voice to represent many other characters. All of the five member cast play multiple roles and they switch gears so naturally that it is uncanny. Their character development is exemplary. This is theater at its finest and with rare charm."
- Joanne Greco Rochman
Hersam Acorn Newspapers

"The Cerme de la Crème of 2007! A new holiday favorite was Joe Landry's beautifully rendered version of "It's a Wonderful Life" staged as a radio show at MTC MainStage in Westport. This story of George Bailey had a splendid set, authentic costumes and a great cast in addition to the heartwarming story of redemption and renewal of faith."
- Bonnie Goldberg
Middletown Press

"One might think that, given the setting and the fact the actors shift characters often in mid-breath, there would be a certain emotional distancing with regard to the basic story. After all, the audience can "see" that these are actors assuming multiple roles and that what a radio audience might envision in its collective theater of the mind is really all sham and sound effects. Oddly enough, that doesn't happen. Perhaps this is because the story line is so familiar that its mere evocation can bring a clutch to the throat and a tear to the eye, but I'd rather put it down to Kevin Connor's direction and the cast's skill in bringing the multiple characters to life. The emotional thrust is such that when George is finally returned to Bedford Falls, lip once again bleeding and deaf in one ear, the audience shares his glee at merely being alive and when he joyously greets the town's familiar sights, sounds and residents his epiphany is shared by those watching the performance."
- Geary Danihy
Brooks Newspapers

Photo by Kerry Long

Rich Forum, Stamford Center for the Arts

“The joy of experiencing the visceral illumination injected into such a universal story by this winning director and his well-chosen cast can help us to recognize the inner walls we continue to build.”
- L.P. Streitfeld
The Advocate

“The staging of this professional caliber in Stamford again reminds us that the musical theatre grass isn’t always greener in the New York stage.”
- Jessica Rae Patton
Fairfield Weekly

“Here, under a cardboard moon, Mr. Connors has assembled a charming cast of eight, who bring to life the story of two young lovers. His is a softer-edged version that resonates with warmth and understanding.”
- Rosalind Friedman
WMNR Public Radio



Rich Forum, Stamford Center for the Arts

"No number of viewings could have prepared me for this twist to the classic… its clever use of props, entertaining voices and a love story that you want to witness over and over again, not unlike those televised holiday classics. Director Kevin Connors knew exactly what he wanted, and the relationship that blooms between George and Mary--the famous scene where he offers Mary the moon--sends viewers into a romantic trance and the phone conversation which led to George which led to George and Mary's first embrace was filled with more passion in the play than in the movie. Intimate scenes like these are the reason you keep watching the play. I found this a fun way to view the play-- All the props were original gadgets just like those in 1946. No plastics, nothing pre-recorded. I closed my eyes often to imagine how it would sound on the radio."
- Teresa Errico
Fairfield County Weekly


Photo by Jayson Byrd
Polka Dot Playhouse

“Beautifully staged by director Kevin Connors on the Playhouses’ small stage, he gives the show the intimacy the story demands without sacrificing inventiveness.”
- Gloria Cole Sugarman
Connecticut Post

“Directed with a distinctive and romantic flair by Kevin Connors, this production delivers a hefty bundle of joy.”
- Joanne Greco Rochman
Hometown Newspapers

“Cheers to Kevin Connors, Artistic Director of Music Theatre of Connecticut, for the direction of BABY!”
Fran Sikorski
Acorn Press

“Under the contrapuntal direction of Kevin Connors, the tuner proves to be pleasant entertainment.”
- David Rosenberg

Music Theatre of Connecticut

“Stunning, compelling and not to be missed. Director Kevin Connors never falters in his vision. He has made the right choice of piece and obviously felt that the story deserved to be told and could be told effectively.”
- Irene Backalenick
Westport News

“Because of the total professionalism of the eight-character cast and director Kevin Connors, YOURS, ANNE rises above the subject matter to emerge as a memorable evening of theatre.”
- Susan Granger
WICC Radio

“YOURS, ANNE is unforgettable. This is one of the best shows of the Connecticut theatre season.”
- Joanne Greco Rochman
The Weston Voice

Photo by Jayson Byrd

Photo by Jayson Byrd
The Players Theatre, NYC

"Mr. Connors has a long history of directing Las Vegas revues - a genre that fits PRIME TIME PROPHET as snugly as a skin-tight fake-leopard bikini."
- Stephen Holden
The New York Times

"The humor in PRIME TIME PROPHET is clever and sophisticated with music, lyrics and direction by Kevin Connors. Hilarious one-liners run rampant, music is lively and fun, and there's some great choreography." -
- Laurie Lawson
Punch In International Syndicate

"PRIME TIME PROPHET put the fun back in fundamentalism!"
- John Sarna
New York Law Journal

New England Lyric Operetta

“All the performers reflected the classy direction of Kevin Connors, who used every comic trick in the book and made them all pay off.”
- Arden Broeking
Brooks Community Newspapers


Photo by Jayson Byrd
Rich Forum, Stamford Center for the Arts


Westport Country Playhouse

Photo by Jayson Byrd


Photo by Jayson Byrd
Music Theatre of Connecticut


Westport Country Playhouse

Photo by Jayson Byrd


Photo by Jayson Byrd
Music Theatre of Connecticut